Being Santa’s help

by Edwin

This morning I met more people of the ministry. It was really cool, a lot of people are exciting about me being here, especially since they discovered that I’m a webdesigner. I spend the morning meeting new people and also updating my blog and things like that. In the afternoon I had some other exciting things to do. The ministry is planning on giving christmas presents to all the children of the neighborhood they have contact with. That means that there are about 30.000 presents to be wrapped up. Yesterday I already met a group of people being busy with that, today I joined them. There is a lot of work to do, but it’s nice to do and the people here are really nice too. It’s cool to be part of such a big project. Tomorrow I probably join one of the busses that go out in the neighborhood to reach the children, also an exciting thing to look forward to. Maybe I’ll wrap some more presents next week.

In the evening I had to take care of my own food and so I went outside to do some grocery shopping. That was actually quite challenging here in the heart of Brooklyn. There aren’t big supermarkets here, just small deli’s. I decided to make some pasta, always an easy and delicious option to go for. After I found all the ingredients in different small stores I returned to the hospital and went to the small kitchen I could use. I only had two small electric plates and the electricity went down a couple of times, but eventually I had a nice meal. I enjoyed spending some time in the kitchen. In the evening I hang out with the interns again, all with all it was another nice day. 🙂

P.S. @Elsa: If you read this, happy birthday! Have a great day, I love you!