Reaching the streets of Harlem

by Edwin

Today was another exciting day. In the morning we had a staff meeting which was lead by the founder of the ministry, a guy called pastor Bill. I heard I was lucky to have a meeting with him, because he is out of the country most of the time for fundraising. The meeting was mainly about how all the different projects are going. It’s interesting to hear what this ministry is doing. They are reaching a lot of children in the worst neighborhoods of New York, feed a lot of families and help many people from everywhere.

In the afternoon I joined one of the trucks that went out in the different neighborhoods to reach the kids. My new friend Willie visits a particular area of Harlem for already more than thirteen years and he know’s a lot of the people there. The people know him too and it was really touching to see many of the kids running to him to give him a big hug. We opened one side of the truck what turned out into a stage. We played some games with the kids, told them a short story, sung a song and about half an hour later sended them back home with some sweets. I was really surprised by how many kids show up, I think about 50 kids from the neighborhood and some parents too. They know that the people of Metro Ministries are there every friday at the same time. I could see how much this ministry impacts these people. The kids here live tuff lives and this way the people of the ministry can give them love that they might not get at home.

In the evening we hang out in the living room and some people played guitar and we sung songs with each other. It’s really nice to get to know all these people and meet new friends here. Although traveling through America was a great adventure, it are the days here that really rock my world. These are the more important things, caring about other people. I’m very happy and thankful that I can finish my journey this way and am looking forward to what is still to come.