80 Days in America

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Looking back at a great adventure

I joined my friends from the ministry to church this morning and in the afternoon I went my own way again. I took the subway to Union Square, to the same place I had lunch last monday with Felicia. I think Union Square is one of my favorite spots of New York, because there is […]

Being a photographer and a clown

Today was saturday, what means a busy day here at the ministry. After we started the day in the church early in the morning, the first busses went out to pick up the kids. I stayed at the church, because they planned me for taking pictures today. I was really excited about that.

Visiting Queens

This morning there was a meeting planned for me with the IT-manager of the ministry. We talked about the current website and about how it could be improved. I enjoyed sharing my ideas and giving my professional opinion about the website. I’m happy that I can also help the ministry this way. It was an […]

Another day in the Bronx

Today I joined a guy called Peter to the Bronx. We spread flyers for the sidewalk sundayschool of tomorrow. After a rainy wednesday (I heard it’s raining here every wednesday) we had a bright day and it was nice to walk around in the streets. It’s pretty cool to be in neighborhoods of New York […]

A day in the zoo

Today I had a free day and I had planned to go the Bronx Zoo. When I woke up, the weather made me doubt about my plans for a minute. The sky was grey and it was continuously raining. I decided not to let the weather determine my plans and to go the Zoo anyway.

Visiting The Bronx

After I spend some time at the office in the morning and helped a group of people with wrapping candy for the kids, I joined one of the trucks to The Bronx. We did three stops at different areas and I realized that I came to places today where I would never have gone on […]

Biking in Manhattan

Monday always is a free day at the ministry, so I went with my friend Felicia to Manhattan. We planned to go with the ferry to the Statue of Liberty, but the line for the ferry was so long that we decided to skip that. Again my advice: if you want to go to the […]

Sunday in Central Park

In the morning we went to the Metro Church what made me think a bit of a gospel church. People were really happy and the preacher was super-excited, it was a good time. The weather was beautiful today, so with a couple of friends I went to Central Park in Manhattan. That was a great […]

Saturday-sunday school

Today was another impressive day. We went with many schoolbusses to the streets of Brooklyn to pick up kids for saturday-sunday school, a cool child program in the church. Meeting all those kids was really touching. In my first busride a small girl sat down next to me. Although she had never met me before, […]

Reaching the streets of Harlem

Today was another exciting day. In the morning we had a staff meeting which was lead by the founder of the ministry, a guy called pastor Bill. I heard I was lucky to have a meeting with him, because he is out of the country most of the time for fundraising. The meeting was mainly […]