Being a photographer and a clown

by Edwin

Today was saturday, what means a busy day here at the ministry. After we started the day in the church early in the morning, the first busses went out to pick up the kids. I stayed at the church, because they planned me for taking pictures today. I was really excited about that.

The whole day long I walked around with my camera and took many pictures of the kids. It’s nice that they are so excited about me taking pictures of them, that gives me a lot of opportunities to shoot some nice pics. In the afternoon I got the change to do something I always wanted to do: being a clown. Seriously, when I was younger I really wanted to become a clown. Today we had to dress up for the young kids and I found myself a clown suit with a red nose and a colorful wig (nl. pruik). That was a lot of fun! Everyone liked me as clown, especially the kids. I enjoyed it a lot to be a clown today.

Later in the afternoon I joined a bus to pick up and drop off children. Fortunately this was a bus with mainly really sweet kids, so we didn’t had a hard time keeping them calm. I played with many of them during the bus rides and enjoyed getting to know them a little bit.

In the evening we had a youth service with a guest preacher from London, good times again. Back home we had an icecream-party, something I introduced here last saturday. I think it’s totally awesome to end a long intensive day like this with sharing a lot of icecream with many friends :).