Visiting Queens

by Edwin

This morning there was a meeting planned for me with the IT-manager of the ministry. We talked about the current website and about how it could be improved. I enjoyed sharing my ideas and giving my professional opinion about the website. I’m happy that I can also help the ministry this way. It was an interesting meeting and it will probably be followed next week with another meeting with more creative people.

In the afternoon I joined a truck that went to Queens. It’s nice that by this time I have seen almost all the neighborhoods of New York. In Queens we went to the area nearby the ocean. Today was really cold, especially here. It was nice to see the ocean and to walk for a couple of minutes at the beach in between of the programs. One of the programs was located next to some concrete buildings. I heard it were private buildings for people don’t apply for a house in New York and have no other place to go. I think those are the poorest of the poor in this city. We met a lot of children again today and had a good time together.

Back home I started to work out some first webdesign-ideas for a new website for the ministry. It was just some sketching and digital sketching, but I liked to work on a new website again, it had been a while since I did that for the last time. Like every evening here I went to bed later than planned again (It’s just so nice to hang out with the people here every time).