Another day in the Bronx

by Edwin

Today I joined a guy called Peter to the Bronx. We spread flyers for the sidewalk sundayschool of tomorrow. After a rainy wednesday (I heard it’s raining here every wednesday) we had a bright day and it was nice to walk around in the streets. It’s pretty cool to be in neighborhoods of New York where I normally would never have walked alone. During the days it’s quite safe so far. Also the Metro Ministries hoodie I’m wearing is a good protection. Some people here call it a bulletproof vest, because it can seriously protect you. It’s just that people know the ministry and respect it.

This day didn’t had so many big happenings, just talked with some people on the streets and hang out with Peter. He’s a cool guy who came from London three years ago to help this ministry. At the end of the afternoon we joined another group who did a sidewalk sundayschool at the other side of the Bronx and we met some more children. In the evening I ordered a big pizza and in America a big pizza is really big (18 inch), so enough to eat for at least two people. I shared it with my new friends and we watched a movie, good times. 🙂