A day in the zoo

by Edwin

Today I had a free day and I had planned to go the Bronx Zoo. When I woke up, the weather made me doubt about my plans for a minute. The sky was grey and it was continuously raining. I decided not to let the weather determine my plans and to go the Zoo anyway.

After breakfast I ran through the rain to the subway station. It was about an hour to the Bronx. Traveling with the subway is definitely something I’m going to miss of New York. I really enjoy it. There are always so many different people and everyone is doing it’s own thing. Most of the times that I travel with the subway I just spend my time watching them, listening to music and use the time to think about all kinds of things.

When I was almost in the Bronx I asked some people in the subway what would be the best station to get off. A friendly guy told me where to get off and he even guided me to the entrance of the zoo. It’s actually quite simple once you know where it is, although I also have to mention that it’s not really a safe neighborhood, after all it’s still the Bronx.

It was still raining, but a couple of months ago I read an article about my camera and lens and how it’s quite waterproof, so I decided to take that for a test today. The nice thing about that it was raining all day was that I was almost the only one in the zoo. I think there were not more than fifty people in the whole zoo, so it was really nice and relaxed. I took many pictures and my camera perfectly endured the rain. It was a great time. I decided to do black and white photography today, because of the grey day. It’s nice to do that sometimes, a whole day in black and white.

I enjoyed the free day a lot. Last days were emotionally a bit heavy, so it was nice to be able to forget everything for a short while and just walk around in the zoo. Later that day I also spend some time in downtown New York and I returned to the centre in the evening. Back there I had diner and we watched a movie in the evening.