Visiting The Bronx

by Edwin

After I spend some time at the office in the morning and helped a group of people with wrapping candy for the kids, I joined one of the trucks to The Bronx. We did three stops at different areas and I realized that I came to places today where I would never have gone on my own.

We met a lot of kids who live in big house constructions in bad neighborhoods in The Bronx. I don’t know so good what to write about it, but it just breaks your heart when you meet all those kids. It changes your perspective, because you see how life is so different for a lot of people here. Kids that live in bad circumstances and don’t have the same changes as I had when I was their age. It really shows that the world is not fair. It’s good to visit these places, to see the reality of the world we live in. I think more people should do something like this, it broadens your horizon and make you think different about life.

The kids really like that we visit them. At our last stop they came running at us and asked us what took us so long. They greet us with a big hug and even remembered my name an hour later. Again I was really touched by everything today.

In the evening I spoke with a lady that had done mission work in Romania and that made me realize that there are many places in the world where it’s way worse than in the bad neighborhoods of New York. That of course doesn’t take off anything from the situation of the kids here. I’m really happy that I can do a bit these days to make their circumstances a little better.