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Being Santa’s help

This morning I met more people of the ministry. It was really cool, a lot of people are exciting about me being here, especially since they discovered that I’m a webdesigner. I spend the morning meeting new people and also updating my blog and things like that. In the afternoon I had some other exciting […]

The adventure goes on

Although last night in the cheap-ass hostel I had the thought of maybe going back earlier, by the time my feet hit the streets again this morning I already made up my mind again. I just love it so much to walk through the city of New York. Like I wrote yesterday, there is so […]

Back in New York

In the morning I continued my flight to New York. It was a perfect timing, because it was about sunrise. Sadly the sun was straight in front of us, so we couldn’t see the sun itself. Still it was a beautiful sight to see it slowly becoming light. About two hours later we arrived back […]

Spending the night at airport and airplanes

After I packed my bags and checked in online it was time to leave. I said goodbye to Steve. Dawn and her mum would bring me to the airport. When we arrived at the airport we found out that the flight had a delay of two hours. Dawns mums first reaction: “Well, then you have […]

Yosemite again

Early in the morning my alarm clock woke me up, because I thought we’d go to church. But for some kind of reason there wasn’t a church service this morning, so I woke up that early for nothing. In the afternoon Dawn and I went to Yosemite National Park again, but I couldn’t enjoy the […]

Movie marathon

This saturday started with sleeping in till around noon and then spending some time on the computer updating the blog and the pictures. Later in the afternoon we went to the mall, because I had some shopping to do. I bought myself a noise-reduction headphones for the flight back. I thought I might need it […]

I’m not a gold digger

Like I hoped yesterday, today brought more excitement. I finally booked my ticket. Untill today I wasn’t sure yet when to fly back, so I hadn’t bought tickets yet, but now ticket prices have doubled in a few days. I think the cheapest time to buy a flight in the US is a little more […]

Ready for some new adventures

Sorry, again no exciting adventures today. I’m still at my friends place and hanging out here. I think if there’s one thing I learned this holiday it’s to appreciate doing less some times. Just reading a book or something like that. But although that’s a part of holiday, I feel that I’m ready for some […]

The world has lost a visionary

This night I dreamed I was back in the Netherlands and that I stopped my journey earlier. I was superdissapointed and wanted back to Amerika. So at the time I woke up I was very happy to be still in Amerika. Don’t get me wrong: I’m looking forward to see my family and friends again, […]

Goodbye nice car!

In the morning I cleaned up my car. I can tell you: that can be quite a job after you lived in it for five weeks. Although I wasn’t obligated to clean it before returning, it felt good to do it. Leaving my house in the same state as I got it. When I returned […]