Ready for some new adventures

by Edwin

Sorry, again no exciting adventures today. I’m still at my friends place and hanging out here. I think if there’s one thing I learned this holiday it’s to appreciate doing less some times. Just reading a book or something like that. But although that’s a part of holiday, I feel that I’m ready for some new adventures. It’s nice to relaxe some days, but of course I’m not here for just hanging out or reading books, I still want to see more of this country and get new experiences. I checked the flight-prices again today and they really change everyday, so I think I just book a flight tomorrow.

For the rest there’s not so much to tell about today. I walked to the supermarket, something really uncommon here, because everyone it going with the car. I enjoyed the walk and getting some fresh air. Gave me some time again to make plans for my company for when I’m back home in a couple of weeks. If everything works out good I already have some work waiting for me when I’m back, so that’s nice. I’m curious how it will be to start normal live again when I’m back home. But first I’m still going to enjoy the last three weeks of the journey. Hopefully a more exciting story tomorrow. 😉