I’m not a gold digger

by Edwin

Like I hoped yesterday, today brought more excitement. I finally booked my ticket. Untill today I wasn’t sure yet when to fly back, so I hadn’t bought tickets yet, but now ticket prices have doubled in a few days. I think the cheapest time to buy a flight in the US is a little more than a week before you leave. First the prices dropped, but in two days they doubled again. Fortunately I was still able to buy a quite affordable ticket, but the only thing is that I have a stop in Mineapolis of seven hours. That’s a long stop, but it saved me more than a hundred bucks, so I thought it would be worth the money. On Monday I fly back to New York where I will arrive at Tuesday morning.

After breakfast we went to a small town called Columbia which is an old miners town. That was a lot of fun, it was like going back in time. A lot of old shops and there even was a blacksmith. I always find it fascinating watching a blacksmith working with metal. Dawn and I tried our luck with panning for gold (having a pan, put it in water and try to find gold), but I soon found out that I do not really have the patience for that. So what I learned today is that I’m not a gold digger. 😉 There was also a photo-store where you could take old-fashion pictures. We had a lot of fun getting all dressed up and the picture turned out very nice (see bottom of this post).

Although I’m happy that I finally booked my flight, I’m also sure that I’m going to miss my new friends Dawn and Steve here in California. I forgot to tell that Dawn’s mum came back from the cabin and she’s also staying here for a while, so the house is full and cosy now. I don’t know when, but I’m quite sure I come back to this place some time. In the evening we went out for diner to a local burgerplace. It’s funny, all the time we go out for diner we discuss where the burgers are the best. Since my roadtrip I’m a big fan again of Mc Donalds, but of course they find that nothing compared to the other burgerplaces. Anyway, we had a good time and also went to the movies in the evening. Although I’m looking forward to see New York again, I feel a bit sad that I have to leave California behind, it’s absolutely my favorite state of America.