Movie marathon

by Edwin

This saturday started with sleeping in till around noon and then spending some time on the computer updating the blog and the pictures. Later in the afternoon we went to the mall, because I had some shopping to do. I bought myself a noise-reduction headphones for the flight back. I thought I might need it on the flight and during the seven hours stop in between. 😉 While we were at the mall, Steve called a friend who lived nearby and about half an hour later we found ourselves in a nice diner place with his friend and family. We had a nice time and it was evening before we knew it. We went home and got the idea to do a movie marathon and see all the Fast and Furious movies. There are five movies in that series now, so it was a long night. Around seven in the morning I had watched them all, Steve already felt asleep at the couch. It was getting light, so time to go to bed. My longest movie-marathon so far, I really enjoyed it! 🙂