Yosemite again

by Edwin

Early in the morning my alarm clock woke me up, because I thought we’d go to church. But for some kind of reason there wasn’t a church service this morning, so I woke up that early for nothing. In the afternoon Dawn and I went to Yosemite National Park again, but I couldn’t enjoy the trip to the park so much, because I was sleeping half of the trip. That’s what you get when you only sleep for two hours. 😉

We did a nice hike around a lake and enjoyed the beauty of the national park again. It’s interesting how everything looked different now from my new perspective. When I was in Yosemite for the first time, about two months ago, everything looked really impressive. Now I’ve seen many national parks and are more used to the beauty of all that nature. It’s still beautiful, but it’s not as impressive anymore as the first time. It was a nice walk and the weather was perfect, we were lucky with that. The weather these days here is the same as it always is in the Netherlands: you never know what weather it will be tomorrow. We had nice weather all day long and on our way back home we stopped at a pizza-place for diner. We played a game of Monopoly (so nice, with the iPad I always have many boardgames with me), but Dawn was super lucky and so I lost the game. 😉

In the evening I started packing my bags, because tomorrow I fly back to the east coast. New York, here I come! 😎