Spending the night at airport and airplanes

by Edwin

After I packed my bags and checked in online it was time to leave. I said goodbye to Steve. Dawn and her mum would bring me to the airport. When we arrived at the airport we found out that the flight had a delay of two hours. Dawns mums first reaction: “Well, then you have to wait less long in Minneapolis”. It costed me two seconds to make that switch of perspective, but then I realized she had a good point. With a kiss on my cheek and a big hug I said goodbye to Dawn and her mum, hoping that we would see each other again in the next years.

Although flying is slowly starting to become more normal to me, I can still enjoy the taking off. It just gives a good feeling and it’s also nice to see everything become smaller. Once you’re in the sky it’s not so exciting anymore most of the time. I watched a movie and listened to some music. I think I also slept for a bit. About three hours later the captain said we were about to land again. It was about 02.00am local time now. I enjoyed the nice view of Minneapolis city lights in the dark. A little later I found myself at an abandoned airport with all the shops closed. Fortunately I ran into a security guy that told me there were some fastfood restaurants in a different terminal. He also had to be there and showed me the way. I had to take two short airport-trainrides and then had to go through security again. It was quite some effort to get some food, but it was worth it. I had time enough anyway, because my flight to New York would leave in about four hours.

When I came back at the right terminal I watched another movie and waited for one more hour. Then I continued my flight to New York. 🙂