The world has lost a visionary

by Edwin

This night I dreamed I was back in the Netherlands and that I stopped my journey earlier. I was superdissapointed and wanted back to Amerika. So at the time I woke up I was very happy to be still in Amerika. Don’t get me wrong: I’m looking forward to see my family and friends again, but I also still enjoy my adventure here in the States.

Today was a slow day, I did some administration that needed to be done for my company in the morning and since it was raining today we just hang out at home. Days like this make me want to travel further again. Although it’s nice here with Dawn and Steve, I’m looking forward to some new adventures. Maybe this weekend we go to Yosemite National Park again and probably next week I fly back to New York. I’m still not sure where to stay when I’m back there, but I expect that will work out somehow.

In the afternoon I suddenly read the shocking new that Steve Jobs died. It’s a weird feeling when famous people that had a big influence die. I watched how long it would take before the Dutch media would pick it up, it took quite some time. Like most times was the first at about the same time as, both I think the fastest media in the Netherlands. A little later they were followed by and other newspapers followed later. Maybe that’s not so interesting for you, but for me as a graduated journalist I always find it interesting to see which media are the fastest. It was also interesting to see again that social media are so much faster than the official media.

It’s weird, Apple without Steve Jobs. I’m really wondering how apple will involve now without him. In the evening I read the reactions from many other famous people like president Obama, Google-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin and of course Bill Gates on the death of Steve Jobs. It might sound weird, but it hit me more than I expected it would. I guess that I’m more an Apple-fan than I thought I was. 😉