Goodbye nice car!

by Edwin

In the morning I cleaned up my car. I can tell you: that can be quite a job after you lived in it for five weeks. Although I wasn’t obligated to clean it before returning, it felt good to do it. Leaving my house in the same state as I got it. When I returned it in the afternoon there was a very friendly lady helping me and thank God she just charged me for a portion of the extra miles I drove. That was a really nice surprise, because I rented the car with a mile limit of 3300 miles, but I drove more than 6000 miles with it. 😉 She didn’t charge me for all the extra miles I drove, so the final bill wasn’t to bad. It’s not my intention to advertise for a company, but my advice as a traveler is to go with Herz. I think you get the best deal when you go to a local Herz dealer and not book it online. I had a fantastic car with cruise control, satellite radio en gps for a sharp price. Although I missed my car a bit after I returned it, I was really happy and thankful that it worked out so good.

In the afternoon Steve and I went to the doctor, because his neck still hurts. It turns out that his hurting from the accident is quite bad, because he didn’t work since then and he still can’t work a couple of more weeks. Fortunately in America you can sue people for things like this, so he probably gets money for all the trouble, but still it sucks of course. Makes me more thankful that I was completely ok after the car accident.

The rest of the day we just hang out at home, playing videogames and watching tv. I’m also planning my trip back to New York already. Flight prices changes everyday, so I keep my eye on it. I think I’ll return somewhere next week to spend the last two weeks in New York. Although my favorite state of all is California for sure, I’m also looking forward to go back to New York and spending more time in that amazing city.